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2015 Year in Review

It’s been an exciting year here at Smart Drug Smarts.  With 2016 hurtling towards us faster than the neuronal impulse in a well-sheathed axon (you knew we’d say something like that, right?) we thought a quick retrospective might be in order.

Podcast Milestones


Top Episodes of 2015

Episode 81: Optimizing Your Sleep

Episode 74: Know Your Neurotransmitters: Dopamine

Episode 66: Starvation and Its Benefits

Episode 93: Semen — The World’s Sexist Antidepressant

Episode 83: Aniracetam – First of the Ampakines

Future Plans

We’re working on an expanded version of our Smart Drugs Library. We can’t give too much away just yet, but we’re pretty darn excited, and this guy is going to be making a grand appearance. Nerd Otter Avatar

We’ve got a book in the works for late 2016.  Yes, with chapters, pages, and the ability to paper-cut yourself!  And a whoooole dollop of neuroscience.  🙂

The Team

We’ve worked all over the place.

Jesse: I had to record one podcast episode with a T-shirt over both my head and the microphone, because I’d just gotten the lease on a new house, and it had hard floors and ceilings and literally no furniture, but it was the only quiet place with working Internet that I had to record the call — so the T-shirt was the best I could do to dampen the echoing noise of reflected sound. Pretty ridiculous.
Hannah: For strangest place, it has to be a tie between a dessert-themed cat cafe in Saigon and a train through the Serbian countryside. The best place hands down was on the deck of a house overlooking the ocean in Hawaii (shoutout to going on vacation with your parents!).
Rhiannan (1)
Rhiannan: The Yen Cafe, Ho Chi Minh. Found it accidentally with Jesse one day. Feels like you’re hanging out in an oversized tree house, and we had the whole upstairs to ourselves for the day. Bonus: we were asked to take a break to have our palms read.
Michelle: My daughter’s middle school band pep rally performance. It was a painful experience — between the butt numbing bleachers, the spotty WiFi, and the deafening band, which made up for lack of skill with enthusiasm and decibels approaching dangerous levels…not my most productive work experience.

We’ve been around the world

Total Countries Visited: 27

1 (But doesn’t her hometown of “Sammamish” sound exotic?  Well, strange anyway…try saying it eight times fast.)

We love drugs (smart drugs, that is)


Synthetic: Sulbutiamine; Natural: Lemon Balm.

Nexus.  It’s my first time taking a racetam and I love it!

Caffeine, Omega-3s, and Nexus.

Mitogen – it’s chock full of all the things needed to sustain and augment a healthy brain.

And, we’ve read some great books!


The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver

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