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“What Are Nootropics?” – An Infographic

What are Nootropics?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding nootropics and cognitive enhancers.  The two terms are often used interchangeably, but if you want to get really technical about it — and let’s face it, we do — then nootropic refers only to a narrow category of cognitive enhancing supplements.

A substance must meet five tough criteria to be considered an honest-to-goodness nootropic.

Read on for the official definition of a true nootropic, the difference between nootropics and “cognitive enhancers,” and our homegrown Smart Drug Smarts definition.  (Hat-tip to Abelard Lindsay for stating this nicely in Episode #85.)


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  1. Fatjong says:

    Great infographic that will solve the mystery for a lot of people of what a nootropic exactly is. I saw that you called out caffeine, a lot of people indeed only think coffee enhances the energy. But it does really enahnces cognitive abbilites.
    A little tip in the middle of the infographic are two social buttons facebook and twitter. They block some words, which ruins the infographic.

    I am looking foreword of future posts,

    Greeting Fatjong

    1. Hannah Sabih says:

      Thanks Fatjong! Glad you liked the infographic. If you move your mouse away from the infographic, the social share buttons will disappear 🙂

  2. Jacob says:

    What are the True Nootropics that you all know of?

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