What is the “Launch List”?

Here we find that rarest of beasts…

Seldom seen in nature, even less so in retail: The win-win, nothing-but-upside opportunity.


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The gist is simple.

VitaMonk’s “Launch List” is an email list.  As with any email list, if you don’t like it, you unsubscribe.  And if you’re only vaguely curious, maybe you read the emails only if you’re bored.  On days that you’re busy, you don’t.

In these emails, we’ll let you know about new supplements launched by VitaMonk over the course of 2017.  Even beyond 2017, really — but the rest of this year will be extremely active, with multiple new products launching each month.

Simply hearing “new products” may not get you excited, but here’s what makes this cool: By being on this list, you’ll be able to buy new, top-quality supplements at such steep discounts that VitaMonk either will make zero profit, or in some cases even lose money on the deal.  As in, they’ll be paying for the right to send you their new products.

Note that this isn’t a “loss leader” strategy where they sell one thing cheaply in hopes you’ll buy other stuff from them at full price.  It’s a strategy that only makes sense because of the bigger picture.

So what is the “bigger picture”?

YOU get top-tier new supplements as soon as they’re offered.  Premium stuff at full quality.  Not sample packs.  Not factory rejects.  Not stuff that “fell off the truck” and is being unloaded at fire-sale prices.

VitaMonk is cutting these deals because their eyes are on the prize.  But their prize isn’t any single purchase.  VitaMonk wants to prove to Amazon they’ve got a hot-selling product with a lot of customer demand.  This makes the Amazon’s artificial intelligence sit up and take notice — then promote VitaMonk to the broader Amazon community.

When this happens, VitaMonk gets a lot more sales: full-price sales from people who aren’t getting the ridiculous price breaks offered to the Launch List.

tl;dr  No-profit giveaways to the Smart Drug Smarts audience in order to prime Amazon’s marketing engine.  Total win-win.

As for VitaMonk, they are a really solid young company with big plans, the highest standards of quality, and a leadership team I’m proud to be a part of.

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