Using Our Content

We want as many people to listen to our podcast and read our articles as possible, so we’ve made it simple for others to take our content and reuse it.

Our articles are published under a Creative Commons license. This means that anyone can copy and distribute the work and use it commercially. The key condition is that you must attribute the work to the original author and Smart Drug Smarts, including a link, and you must indicate if any changes have been made.

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

All of our content is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license, which means that it can be adapted and republished without asking us for permission. The Attribution-ShareAlike license means that you can put our content–full or abridged–on your own website or blog. However, you must give appropriate credit to us, provide a link to our original content, and indicate if changes were made.

Commercial use

We encourage magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs to take our content and reuse it.


If you’d like a file of the Smart Drug Smarts logo to use, check out our Press Packet.

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