About Hannah Sabih

Hannah Sabih

Hey there! I’m Hannah.

If you’ve ever connected with us on Twitter or Facebook, we’ve already met.

So who am I?

At Smart Drug Smarts, my official title is Czarina of Marketing and Operations (pretty snazzy, right?).

What does that mean? I know you’re wondering, Dad!

I’m responsible for getting Smart Drug Smarts out to the world, through any means at my disposal (social media, other podcasts, reporters). Plus, I crack the organizational whip here at our virtual office.

Outside the (Virtual) Office

I’m a true Californian hippie, and so while I’ve always been interested in health, I have historically approached it from a whole foods (as in unprocessed foods, not the store, although I do love it), exercise, 8 hours of sleep perspective.

Joining the Smart Drug Smarts team has opened up a whole new world of supplementation to me. I started out tentatively with fish oil, and have progressed to enthusiastically embracing my daily Nexus (please don’t make me live without it!).

But, I still think plenty of sleep, daily exercise, and lots of veggies are probably the best nootropics. 😉

It’s a Process…

One of the best parts about working at Smart Drug Smarts? The whole team is remote, so I can work from anywhere.

I’ve always had an intense case of wanderlust (clearly, since I haven’t lived in one place longer than a year since I turned 16), so what could be better than a job I love that lets me see the world?

However, constant travel definitely takes its toll on forming healthy habits, so I’m always on the look out for the best hacks for staying on track while switching time zones. Bonus points for anything that’s a multitasking win (mapping your run so you hit some major sights along the way? Sign me up!).

Got any genius health + travel tips for me? I would be forever grateful if you sent them my way.

And stay smart!

PS: If you want to see where I am currently, I’m posting pics over on Instagram. 😉

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