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What is an “Overdose Edition”?

If you’ve been listening from the beginning – and I’m consistently delighted to hear how many people stumbled onto Smart Drug Smarts recently and then went back and listened to the old ones…

Well, you know it took a good, long time before we were able to get to the regularly weekly schedule we’ve been managing the past few months.  There’s some excuses for this (a few of which are slightly valid…), but the good news is: Excuses are no longer necessary.

We’re now an every-Friday show.

But We Are Not Content.

Now that weekly-ness has been achieved, we achievement-addicts are wondering…  What more can we do?

And so we looked at our “Things We’d Love To Do If We Get Overly Ambitious” list, and realized we should find a place for some of the extra stuff we get access to.  You see, every now and then, we have the opportunity to do interviews outside our normal range of content.  We’ve even said no to stuff — cool stuff — because it didn’t seem to “fit” with what we’re doing.

Bonus content for those of you who like the show enough to carry it around in your pocket…

Also – sometimes – we’ve had guests who were gun-shy about talking about certain things to an everyone-with-an-iTunes-account audience.  (Remember the episode with the distorted, Speak-n-Spell voice guest?)

But I think maybe I can coax such guests to talk to a more limited audience, behind a just-slightly-ajar Internet door…

And So We’ve Created “Overdose Editions.”

Overdose Editions are going to live outside the normal RSS feed that distributes the podcast.  These episodes won’t be on iTunes, Stitcher, or even this website — not as audio, anyway.

We’ll be releasing them exclusively through our mobile app, Axon.

They’ll be bonus content for those of you who like the show enough to carry it around in your pocket, and allocate some precious icon-space on your smart phone screen.

Overdose Editions won’t be coming out on any fixed schedule — just when something appropriately weird or awesome comes up.

Want to Know Every Time a New Overdose Edition Lands?

No problem.  Two ways to do it — both work, and they’re complementary.

  1. Download Axon, now available for iPhone + iPad, and Android (long-delayed, but…) in the works.
  2. Sign up for our Mailing List.  If you haven’t signed up already, you should see a prompt at the top of your browser right now… and maybe another one poking up from the lower-right corner of the page, too.  Signing up won’t hurt and will expose your brain to more synapse-stimulating Smart Drug Smarts goodness.  And every time a new Overdose Edition appears, Rhiannan will be writing about it… just a tantalizing taste to remind you to listen.

So that’s that.  A little something new.  We’re really excited… And the first Overdose Edition will be out very soon — the first week in June, 2015*.

* If you’re reading this and it’s later than that, the good news is: You’ve already got content ready-n-waiting for you.

If you are an Android user and feel left out – we’re here to help.  Sign up for the mailing list and drop an email to Rhiannan and we will absolutely, positively get you hooked up – as a stopgap until Axon for Android is available.


  1. Nootropos says:

    Please include “Overdose Editions” in the newsletter, I can’t use Axon.

    1. Jesse Lawler says:

      Hmmmm… Will getting Axon on Android solve this for you, or no smart phone at all?

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