Overdose Edition,

Overdose Edition #1: The First One

June 11, 2015

Brace yourself as Jesse unveils the inaugural Overdose Edition.

We’re being so obnoxious that we’re not even going to tell you what the episode is about right here.  You’re going to have to listen.

We’ll drop a few bread-crumbs though…

Some Tantalizing Bait for this Special Episode…

Around Christmastime, Jesse was presented with the opportunity to do an interview about a subject that he wasn’t sure was legitimate.  He hemmed, he hawed… He wanted to, but he was also kind of afraid to commit.

So he called in Drew Birnie — whom you may remember as the scientific Sherlock Holmes from the Snake Oil episode — to do some real-time research and discover:  Should this mystery-subject be an episode at all?

In the end, this first-ever Overdose Edition provides not only an interesting interview… We also get to ride side-saddle with Drew as he talks us through his research methodology, delving into the merits of the claims made about a strange and interesting cognitive intervention.

Show Notes
  • 00:00:14

    Episode introduction - Overdose Edition #1: The First One.

  • 00:02:18

    This Week In Neuroscience.

  • 00:05:00

    Introduction to Interviews: Emotional Freedom Techniques.

  • 00:07:08

    Interview with Drew Birnie begins.

  • 00:07:20

    Googling "emotional freedom techniques."

  • 00:08:18

    Birnie's background.

  • 00:09:16

    The EFT process.

  • 00:10:18

    The proposed mechanism of EFT.

  • 00:10:40

    Study on the assessment of emotional freedom technique.

  • 00:14:35

    Guest introduction: Greg Warburton

  • 00:15:07

    Interview with Greg Warburton begins.

  • 00:15:50

    Energy psychology, Thought Field Therapy, and why Mr. Warburton decided to pursue this field of study.

  • 00:16:25

    "Thoughts that begin in the brain do not stay in the brain."

  • 00:17:30

    The advent of energy psychology.

  • 00:18:30

    What sorts of issue might they be trying to address in one of these sessions?

  • 00:20:40

    Could EFT be misapplied for the dispersal of positive emotions?

  • 00:21:00

    EFT as an alternative therapy for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

  • 00:22:43

    Is EFT helpful for general stress management?

  • 00:23:15

    Mr. Warburton's work with competitive athletes.

  • 00:24:10

    How did "Emotional Freedom Technique" get its name?

  • 00:25:59

    Interview wrap-up.

  • 00:27:42

    Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Strange connection between dental health and mental health.

  • 00:29:15

    Episode wrap-up.

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