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#091: Fatigue + Creativity

August 28, 2015

The importance of sleep for cognitive enhancement has been the subject of quite a few conversations here at Smart Drug Smarts. Adequate sleep makes the brain sharper and enables us to perform optimally in almost all tasks. However, there are some tasks that benefit from a mind that’s slightly groggy. Jesse is joined by Mareike Wieth, an associate professor of psychology at Albion University and they discuss her research on fatigue and its effect on problem-solving skills. Whether you’re an early-bird or a night-owl this is an episode worth staying awake for.

Staring at someone for a long time is rude – or so we’ve been told. But done in the right setting, under the right conditions… staring at a person can produce some amazing results. To find out more, stay tuned-in until the end of the episode.

PS:  Some amount of fatigue is good, more is not necessarily better. But for more neuroscience nuggets delivered weekly to your inbox sign up for our newsletter below.

Show Notes
  • 00:00:33

    Jesse shares a personal story about how this episode came to be.

  • 00:02:01

    This Week In Neuroscience: Electronic devices disrupting sleep.

  • 00:04:06

    The listener interaction section.

  • 00:05:32

    A teaser about Jesse's recent experiment with Holotropic Breathwork.

  • 00:06:53

    Jesse's stack of the day.

  • 00:08:10

    Introducing Mareike Wieth.

  • 00:08:57

    How the research into fatigue began.

  • 00:10:07

    Optimal time of day.

  • 00:11:26

    Research methodology.

  • 00:14:16

    Onset of melatonin and evolution.

  • 00:15:09

    Difference in performance.

  • 00:15:27

    Follow-on studies planned by Mareike Wieth.

  • 00:16:47

    The possibility of training mental focus.

  • 00:17:48

    How much is too much.

  • 00:19:28

    A secret that nobody talks about.

  • 00:21:17

    Cognition and a belly full of food.

  • 00:23:28

    Deep focus and creativity.

  • 00:25:37

    Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Unexpected results from staring.

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