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#084: Optimal Cognition in Extreme Environments

July 10, 2015

Evolution has prepped humans to be the dominant species — and definitely the smartest — in our natural environment: on land.  But how do our land-based human brains hold up in more extreme environments, like the bottom of the ocean or the depths of space?  To answer those questions, Jesse is joined by professional diver-cum-research-scientist, Dr. Dawn Kernagis from IHMC.  From cave-diving expeditions to spacewalks or EVAs (“Extra Vehicular Activity” as they’re technically called) this episode is all about neurological research and best-practices for brains in dangerous environments.

In This Week In Neuroscience, Jesse shares some great ammunition with which you can obliterate the myth about “humans using only 10% of their brains.”

And BIG NEWS in the world of Smart Drug Smarts: Jesse unveils Axon Labs, a newly-formed sister company that’s opening its doors with what we humbly consider to be two amazing new nootropics stacks.  (Read more backstory about Axon Labs and how it came to be.)

Show Notes
  • 00:00:31

    Let the ACTION begin!

  • 00:01:55

    This Week In Neuroscience: Debunking a myth about human brains.

  • 00:04:33

    5 star reviews on iTunes.

  • 00:05:38

    Axon Labs - The Official Unveiling.

  • 00:12:18

    Introducing Dr. Dawn Kernagis.

  • 00:14:27

    A diver is born.


  1. Tang Jia San Shao says:

    I hope you can include the amounts of each ingredient on the labels. I haven’t seen any quantities listed on the posted pictures.

    1. Jesse Lawler says:

      Hi there – We added a section on the FAQ page for Axon Labs called “Proprietary Formulas” addressing this question… It won’t be quite what you’re hoping for — some of the exact ratios we’re keeping off the label. This will allow us to (potentially) adjust ratios a bit depending on feedback we get to this first production run, and also prevent copycats.

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