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#079: Phosphatidylserine: Extra Oomph, Even For Young Brains

June 07, 2015

Jesse speaks with Phosphatidylserine* aficionado Dr. Adam Parker about the cognitive benefits associated with this supplement.  Phosphatidylserine is a compound that naturally occurs in every living cell — animal, vegetable, even bacteria…  So it’s inside you already – and yet topping up dietarily with extra amounts seems not a bad idea.  Dr. Parker’s study showed speed-of-computation improvements in subjects of over 20% on a basic mathematical test.  (Wow.)

*Phosphatidylserine is a key ingredient in NEXUS, Axon Labs‘ flagship nootropic stack.

We’ll also hear about a boy who survived nearly three-quarters of an hour underwater, and what processes common to all mammals might have made this possible.  (Needless to say, don’t try this at home.)

Show Notes
  • 00:00:21

    The hardest to pronounce episode topic yet!

  • 00:01:31

    This Week In Neuroscience: Boy Survives 42 Minutes Underwater

  • 00:04:24

    iTunes review and Audience Census participant thank-yous!

  • 00:05:36

    One Small Step: The Epic Race To Build A Humanoid Robot (Time Magazine Article with Dr. Ken Ford from Episode #67).

  • 00:06:15

    The Quantified Self Conference: June 18th-20th.

  • 00:06:45

    Come join us for a Twitter Chat about Rhodiola Rosea with Dr. Patricia Gerbarg!

  • 00:07:50

    What is an "Overdose Edition"?

  • 00:08:30

    Introduction to Dr. Adam Parker.

  • 00:09:15

    Where does phosphatidylserine come from?

  • 00:11:49

    Dr. Parker's studies on phosphatidylserine and alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine.

  • 00:15:40

    What is phosphatidylserine's mechanism of action ?

  • 00:17:01

    What is the upper limit for safety, and how to find out how safe a supplement is.

  • 00:17:45

    How is phosphatidylserine used for athletic performance?

  • 00:19:16

    What are the effects on elderly brains, and phosphatidylserine & combination DHA supplements.

  • 00:21:39

    How long is the positve-effect onset period?

  • 00:22:34

    Dr. Parker's dream phosphatidylserine study.

  • 00:23:10

    What's in Dr. Parker's personal brain health cabinet?

  • 00:26:23

    Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: The Amphetamine Fuelling Syria's Civil War


  1. miska says:

    Woah you guys really do talk fast. I had trouble following though I usually listen most podcast on 1,25-1,5x speed. Now it was like 2x especially with the quest.

    1. ansty says:

      @miska its not that they are talking fast, the problem is your brain is grasping it real slow!!…..time for you to get a smart drug!!

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