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#077: Omega-3 Shoot-Out

May 22, 2015

Dr. Michael Lewis is back!  This time he helps Jesse organize a shoot-out between the various types of Omega-3-fatty-acid-containing foods and supplements.  (Omega-3’s, you may remember from Dr. Lewis’ previous episode, play a crucial role in brain, heart, and circulatory health.)  From production methods to bio-absorption percentages to dosage, diet and dangers; everything gets thrown around as the fight gets underway…

Also covered in this episode: Evidence from neuroscience that your internal homunculus tracks width and length independently (who knew?), and some strange historical facts about what “performance enhancing drugs” meant to the Third Reich.

P.S. – No actual fish were directly harmed while producing this episode, and a watchful eye was kept on MiMi the cat.  For your share of tasty neuroscience morsels sign up for our newsletter below.

Show Notes
  • 00:00:33

    Get ready for a cage match between the three types of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

  • 00:02:06

    This Week In Neuroscience: How the brain figures out where the body is physically positioned in space.

  • 00:05:17

    iTunes reviews and updates on the Smart Drug Smarts Audience Census.

  • 00:06:34

    Jesse introduces Dr. Michael Lewis.

  • 00:08:35

    Breaking down the differences between EPA, DHA and ALA.

  • 00:10:43

    Best sources for EPA and DHA and the bio-availability between different sources.

  • 00:11:46

    How do fish get their Omega-3 supply and the concept of bio-accumulation.

  • 00:13:50

    Behind the scenes look at commercial production of Omega-3.

  • 00:15:10

    Molecular distillation and the process of cleaning Omega-3.

  • 00:17:53

    Some great advice for your next Fish Oil shopping trip.

  • 00:21:37

    A quick lowdown on Krill Oil.

  • 00:23:03

    Farming fish vs catching fish.

  • 00:24:27

    Dr. Lewis discusses the diet that he and his family follow.

  • 00:28:01

    Omega-3 dosage and the effects associated with overdosing.

  • 00:29:26

    The importance of measuring the ratio between Omega-6 and Omega-3.

  • 00:30:33

    Check out the Omega Protocol on Dr. Lewis's website.

  • 00:33:27

    Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Stimulants For Military Use During The Third Reich


  1. sootedninjas says:

    What brand of Omega-3 is the good doctor actually using ?

    How about Cod Liver Oil as a source of Omega-3 ? How does it compare to fish oil ? I guess I need contact info of the doctor ?

    1. Jesse Lawler says:

      You’ve got an excellent chance to ask him on this Saturday, June 27th at 12 noon EST on Twitter. We’re hosting an #axonchat with Dr. Lewis. Please come check it out! Details here:

  2. Deane Alban says:

    Sootedninjas, in case you didn’t get your question answered yet, cod liver oil, unlike standard fish oil supplements, contains vitamin A and D.
    If you take enough cod liver oil to obtain therapeutic benefits you’ll be consuming dangerous levels of vitamin A which interferes with your body’s ability to use vitamin D and causes weakened bones. I hope that helps!

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