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#064: Male vs. Female Brains

February 12, 2015

For our Valentine’s Day “adults-only” edition of Smart Drug Smarts, we’re joined by Dr. David Peters from Tidewater Women’s & LGBT Primary Care Center.  Dr. Peters explains to us the structural and hormonal differences between male versus female brains, how the “gender reassignment” process works, and the basics of what makes males male, and females female.

We’ll also learn some interesting effects of positive affirmation, and how women with multiple oral sex partners could be lowering their risk of certain health issues.

Show Notes
  • 00:00:32

    Introduction to Dr. David Peters and and a listener discretion warning for the episode's theme

  • 00:02:47

    This Week in Neuroscience: A Simple Intervention Can Make Your Brain More Receptive To Health Advice

  • 00:05:05

    A quick correction on Episode 63: IARPA – Tax Dollars, Sci-Fi Goals, And Your Brain

  • 00:05:54

    Our Water Fast Week Forum spawns a real-life SDS meet-up!

  • 00:06:32

    Some background on (and a preemptive apology for) our titilating Valentine's Day topic

  • 00:07:49

    Structural vs hormonal differences in the male and female brain

  • 00:10:33

    The effects of testosterone and estrogen on the brain and an educated guess related to the research mentioned in Episode 62: Brain Changes From “The Pill”?

  • 00:13:26

    Sterotypes and Divisions of maleness and femaleness

  • 00:15:36

    Vasopressin – the "cheating gene?"

  • 00:16:47

    Gender vs sex, how opting for the change is becoming more acceptable in the media, and how pre-puberty treatments can make the switching process more seamless

  • 00:20:34

    A more in-depth look at the sex-change process, specifically in young people

  • 00:23:02

    When is the best time to start therapy, what causes gender and sex to be different in an individual, and how do people know?

  • 00:24:58

    Cases in the media that make it more acceptable for people to seek medical advice

  • 00:26:16

    The advances in sex-change surgeries, the relative difficulties changing from each sex to the other, and places in the world that are most accepting of the procedures

  • 00:27:54

    How do a "fake" genitalia work?

  • 00:29:51

    How doctors get into transgender medicine

  • 00:30:35

    How do hormones affect the brains of patients undergoing sex-changes?

  • 00:33:04

    Jesse's thoughts on "surgeries of the future"

  • 00:34:02

    Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: How Women With Multiple Oral-Sex Partners Could Be Protecting Their Health

One comment

  1. Keiren Stephenson says:

    Beyond frustrating to hear Dr Peter’s use the kitchen toy study as evidence of biological sex differences in 3&4 year olds. As if three-four years of gendered socialisation can be swept aside. That’s appallingly bad science.

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