#061: In Defense of Marijuana?

January 21, 2015

For our long-awaited Marijuana Episode, we hear from Kyle Boyar, researcher at SC Laboratories, a quality assurance and safety testing facility for medical marijuana. Kyle takes us through some lesser-known facts about marijuana, its use as treatment for a variety of ailments, and its effect on memory and mood.

We’ll also find out how becoming a mother can actually permanently change a woman’s brain, and get some insight into the psychological and physiological effects of… iPhone separation?

Show Notes
  • 00:00:32

    How we happened upon Kyle Boyar, and an open call to other scientists

  • 00:01:38

    This Week in Neuroscience: What Happens to a Woman's Brain When She Becomes a Mother

  • 00:04:28

    Thank you to Michael Johnson, and come say "hi" @Lawlerpalooza and @SmartDrugSmarts

  • 00:04:59

    Smart Drug Smarts' Water Fast Week (see Episode #56: Ketosis Vs Cancer?)

  • 00:06:17

    The email that prompted our Marijuana Episode

  • 00:07:22

    Psychoactive components of the Cannabis plant, and an explanation of cannabinoids

  • 00:08:14

    The discovery of THC and how this led to knowledge of the corresponding receptors in our brains

  • 00:09:17

    Investigations into G protein-coupled receptors

  • 00:10:01

    What happens when our cannabinoid receptors are activated?

  • 00:10:45

    The role of GABA, dopamine, and gene sequence variation in feelings of pleasure – and anxiety – as a result of THC exposure

  • 00:11:32

    SC Laboratories' position in relation to fast-changing marijuana laws

  • 00:13:19

    The difference between medical-grade marijuana and recreational marijuana

  • 00:14:03

    Cannabis indica vs Cannabis sativa

  • 00:14:22

    Terpenes and The Entourage Effect

  • 00:15:07

    What health conditions can marijuana be used as treatment for?

  • 00:16:29

    Cannabidiol and memory

  • 00:19:04

    THC's effects on neuronal Long-term depression

  • 00:20:59

    CREB and long-term memory

  • 00:21:42

    Long-term memory formation vs memory formation while under the influence

  • 00:22:27

    BDNF, and THC's psychoactive effects on creativity and depression

  • 00:23:31

    Is there an "optimal" use of marijuana?

  • 00:24:33

    Endocannabinoid uses within the brain and body

  • 00:25:47

    Follow-up to the original inspiration email – and a non-recreational, non-medical use for marijuana

  • 00:26:28

    Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: iPhone separation Linked to Physiological Anxiety and Poor Cognitive Performance

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