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#034: Dr. Jehangeer Sunderji and the Growing Popularity of Adderall

March 25, 2014

In Episode #34, Jesse talks with Los Angeles-based physician Dr. Jehangeer Sunderji on the growing popularity and uses of the psycho-stimulant drug Adderall.

Dr. Sunderji is a decorated honors graduate of the USC Keck School of Medicine and Stanford University, where he specialized in integrative medicine with an emphasis in mental health and stress related disease. He completed additional work in medical informatics and health care reform, and has served on the boards of a variety of technology and medical service companies.

In addition to being the Medical Director of Mind Body Medicine, he is the Associate Medical Director of the Partership for Health Analytic Research, a Bevery Hills based think tank consultancy.

This Week In Neuroscience: Pressing the Neurological “Delete” Button

Scientists at the University of Cambridge in England have discovered that it may be possible to delete a memory from your unconscious mind, with practice.  Study subjects were shown two images and then asked to intentionally forget one of them.  The force-forgotten image, and the other image, were both then shown to the subject later in a massively distorted visual field – so distorted that the subject would not be consciously aware of the image.  However, the fMRI results indicated that the non-forgotten image was still “noticed” by the image-processing sections of the brain, while the force-forgotten image was far less likely to be unconsciously “seen.”

Researchers found that when a patient actively tried to forget an image, the areas of the brain that process visual perception were reduced. This may have interesting implications for PTSD patients and may be combined with therapies such as tCDS to actively treat and alleviate traumatic or disruptive memories. As usual, we’ll keep an eye on this and let you know as this develops. For now, give it a read below:

Read the original article here.

What You’ll Learn

  • The “on” and “off” label uses of Adderall
  • The dangers of self-dosing
  • The effective doses and how they are used
  • Amazing statistics related to college campus uses of cognitive enhancers

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