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#060: Blood Work with Dr. Alexis Shields

January 15, 2015

In Episode #60, we’re joined by Dr. Alexis Shields, naturopathic doctor and blood chemistry specialist. Dr. Shields shares her knowledge of blood chemistry analysis as a way to monitor and improve overall health, and how the insights we gain can help us maintain optimal neurotransmitter levels and boost cognition.

We’ll also learn how curcumin may be an effective tool in the fight against Alzheimer’s, and why sleeping naked could be beneficial to our health.

Episode Extras: You can listen to Jesse’s own consultation with Dr. Shields here, and have a look at his blood chemistry analysis here.

Show Notes
  • 00:00:39

    Why blood chemistry?

  • 00:01:56

    Episode Extras: Check out Jesse's personal blood chemistry analysis report, and listen to his consultation here

  • 00:02:45

    This Week in Neuroscience: Curcumin's Ability to Fight Alzheimer's

  • 00:04:23

    Introduction to Dr. Alexis Shields and her blood chemistry analysis method

  • 00:06:18

    An explanation of Naturopathy and Functional Medicine

  • 00:09:15

    How blood chemistry analysis can identify very specific conditions and deficiencies

  • 00:11:00

    Blood analysis: Art or science?

  • 00:12:13

    How often should you be getting your blood work done?

  • 00:12:59

    Monitoring your health over time with a glucometer

  • 00:13:29

    The importance of blood sugar regulation

  • 00:15:37

    How can analysing your blood work help you optimize your brain chemistry and cognition?

  • 00:17:01

    Cholesterol: The "Duct Tape" of the body (and why it's necessary for proper neurotransmitter fucntionality)

  • 00:19:24

    Dr. Shields' personal health and nutrition guidelines

  • 00:20:25

    The difference between processed and natural sugars, and some insight into "gray area" foods

  • 00:21:45

    How to use functional blood work to identify slight intolerances that could be keeping you from reaching optimal perfomance levels

  • 00:22:52

    Sneak peek of Jesse's own blood chemistry analysis

  • 00:23:53

    Iron level differences in women and men

  • 00:25:01

    Dr. Shields' advice for Jesse based on his results

  • 00:25:40

    How to get your blood chemistry analysed by Dr. Shields (click here!)

  • 00:27:14

    Advice from Dr. Braverman, guest on Episode 47: Do You Need A "Living Autopsy"?

  • 00:28:00

    URL for this episode (to download Jesse's personal analysis report and consultation):

  • 00:28:22

    Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: Why Sleeping Naked Can Be Good For Your Health


  1. Joachim says:

    Thanks for an interesting episode.

    Honestly, I’m a little sceptical. She mentioned both “alkalinization of the body” and homeopathy, and both of those are giant red woo-woo flags for me. Too little evidence, too much “experience” for my tastes.

    1. Jesse Lawler says:

      Hi there Joachim – Thanks, and actually – yeah, the homeopathy reference threw me too. I address it (and got a response from Dr. Shields) in a follow-up in Episode #62, which should be published in the next 24 hours. So give that episode a listen and see what you think.

      I must admit, I didn’t know there was anything controversial about the body maintaining an optimal pH, though. What’s woo-woo there?

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