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#045: Axon: an App for the Nootropics Community

August 31, 2014

Spoiler Alert June, 2016

Update:  We have made the sad decision to pull the iOS mobile app from the iTunes App Store and focus our software development efforts on web applications that won’t discriminate against our Android-using friends.  The strong majority of our users have always come to us over web platforms, and we’re redoubling our efforts in that direction.  Thank you to everyone who used the mobile app during the almost two years that it was active.

In a shocking break from convention, Jesse interviews himself, about the soon-to-be-released mobile app Axon, aimed at the nootropics-loving community in general, and Smart Drug Smarts fans in particular.  Within a few days of the publication of this episode, Axon should have made it past Apple’s gatekeepers and be freely available for public download.

This episode also features what is probably the longest-ever (and possibly most attention-worthy) Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick in the history of Smart Drug Smarts.

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Show Notes
  • 00:01:41

    This Week in Neuroscience: What is a brain doughnut and why should you be interested?

  • 00:04:50

    Dr. Terry Wahls' live seminar on her dietary Wahls protocol.

  • 00:05:24

    Who is the "mystery man" developing a ground-breaking mobile app for the Nootropics community?

  • 00:06:17

    What is this mobile app and why was it created?

  • 00:07:14

    The story behind the name – Axon.

  • 00:07:50

    Supported platforms and future plans.

  • 00:09:08

    Five features being offered in Axon.

  • 00:11:22

    How much does it cost, you ask? Well, it's going to be 100% free.

  • 00:13:33

    Get clued in to the Simulation Hypothesis and ask yourself a simple question – Are you "real", or not?


  1. Dylan says:

    Haha, very clever self-interview Jesse! It was so believable I forgot you were interviewing yourself for a few minutes

    1. Jesse Lawler says:

      Yeah, the “phone effect” on the audio worked really well, didn’t it? I was quite pleased. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. John says:

    LOL. Love your podcasts. This is hilarious.

    1. Jesse Lawler says:

      Thanks John! Glad you liked. This was fun — I liked this episode, also liked the episode with the “Speak-n-Spell” interview — may have another one like that coming up soon. 😉

  3. Nevan says:

    Would like to recommend/suggest an interview with Dr William Walsh. Author of book. Nutrient Power.
    Like your shows and caliber of the subjects interviewed.

    1. Jesse Lawler says:

      Thanks Nevan. I just grabbed the book on Kindle Unlimited. Got a flight coming up and will see about making this my airplane reading. I appreciate the tip!

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