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These posts aren’t associated with a particular podcast episode. They’re just good, old-fashioned writing on a variety of nootropic, neuroscience, or personal optimization topics.

It’s been an exciting year here at Smart Drug Smarts.  With 2016 hurtling towards us faster than the neuronal impulse in a well-sheathed axon (you knew we’d say something like that, right?) we thought a quick retrospective might be in order. Podcast Milestones Total number of podcast minutes: 1,754 Plus, we topped one million downloads […]

Your memory — can you trust it? That is — beyond simply remembering where you last laid your keys or what it was that you wanted to buy at the grocery store. Most people implicitly trust their autobiographical memories. However, Elizabeth Loftus shows us that our episodic memories are in reality quite pliable and can actually be changed!

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