We’ve had more than a few authors on as interviewees.

Plus, there are many neuroscience, psychology, and physiology books that are just too good not to mention.  Check out the book recommendations below, presented roughly in order of their mention on the podcast (with a little chaos thrown in for spice).

The Rhodiola Revolution
by Richard Brown, Patricia Gerbarg, and Barbara Graham
#057: Rhodiola rosea: "Santa's Stimulant"
Smarter: The New Science of Building Brain Power
by Dan Hurley
#029: Dan Hurley and the New Science of Building Brain Power
A journalist’s exploration into the many ways — practice, games, diet, exercise, and everything else he can try — to increase his “fluid intelligence.”
by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#017: Dr. Raza Naqvi's Review of 32 Published Pharmacological Studies
Some systems are destroyed by uncertainty. Others can withstand uncertainty. But a special few can benefit from uncertainty. This last class gets a new word and a deep exploration in Antifragile.
If you only read one book by Taleb, this is the one to read: It's essentially a crystallization of the ideas he explores in his early works. Very deep, heady ideas worth taking some time to explore.
Smart Drugs and Nutrients
by Ward Dean
#001: Dr. Ward Dean on Life Extension and Brain Maximization
This is the book that "launched the genre" of smart drugs as a field of study that the public was aware of. It was fitting and an honor to get Dr. Dean as the interview guest on our very first episode.

Have any book recommendations of your own?  We’re all ears!  Especially when it comes to books about neuroscience or cognitive enhancement.  Visit our Contact page and let us know what you recommend, as well as why you recommend it.

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