Author: Michelle Silbernagel

Michelle, a deep rabbit hole diver, is a quintessential seeker of knowledge and an avid content consumer. She is devoted to optimizing health, particularly brain health, and believes that everything is connected – from the thoughts we think to the food we eat and the moves we make. At Smart Drug Smarts she switch-hits on everything from industry research to article writing to ideological cheerleading in the wider media world. Personal Motto: Life is an n=1 experiment.

Practical Advice for Navigating Autoimmunity in Everyday Life In Episode 136, Dr. Terry Wahls shared the clinical results of her latest research.  Wahls herself is a walking testimonial to the effectiveness of the dietary changes now known as “the Wahls Protocol™” — and clinical research is currently providing further evidence to reinforce her recommendations. For those who experience the daily […]

Your memory — can you trust it? That is — beyond simply remembering where you last laid your keys or what it was that you wanted to buy at the grocery store. Most people implicitly trust their autobiographical memories. However, Elizabeth Loftus shows us that our episodic memories are in reality quite pliable and can actually be changed!

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