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We call it a lot of things, mostly derogatory.  Narcissism.  Navel-gazing.  Even selfishness.  And sure, there are bad offshoots…

But the core idea: being fascinated with the idea of the self – of having a “self” at all, in the philosophical sense – is nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s something to revel in.

Call it a soul, call it a capacity for reflective self-awareness, call it what you will…  One thing we can all agree on: it’s got a heck of a lot to do with our brains.

And that makes our brains worthy of a level of curiosity that would be slightly silly were they any less… all-important.


At Smart Drug Smarts, we are unapologetically fascinated with our brains.

What they do.

What they can be trained to do.

What they still might do.

And what they might become.

We live in an unprecedented Age of Discovery about how our brains operate.  And expansion in the theoretical body of knowledge is quickly giving way to real-world, practical applications.  Including — at the risk of being overly simplistic — ways to make yourself smarter.

Smart Drug Smarts is for people interested in brain health and optimization, and actionable applications of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience.

The human brain is the most complex system in the known universe.

Any engineer or logistics person will tell you: trying to make changes in a complex system – one which we are only beginning to understand – is, in a way, asking for trouble.

And yet, every one of us alters our brain chemistry and neural connections constantly

Every time we eat a meal, learn a fact, or feel an emotion.

The fact is, our brains can’t be put on a pedestal or kept out of harm’s way. 

They’re meant to be used — actively used — in our knock-’em, sock-’em world.  (After all, why do you think you have a skull?)

So maybe it’s no surprise that many of us, emboldened by science, are looking to bolster our brains’ efficiency beyond cultural norms or historical limits.

For some, this will be through optimal nutrition…

For others, through mental exercises…

And for a few, by neurochemical tinkering with biological precursor supplements and “smart drugs.”

Everyone has an individual level of risk tolerance, as well as personal dreams for what might be possible if his or her brain were tweaked just so

Philosophically, we are “every brain for itself.”

Decisions about one’s own mind-states are the most personal decisions imaginable, at the root of any definition of freedom.

Smart Drug Smarts doesn’t advocate any particular approach…  We’re here to provide an accurate-as-possible body of knowledge in a field where the options available are growing daily.

We welcome your thoughts, your comments and your participation.

If you haven’t done so yet, sign up for our “Brain Breakfast” newsletter.  In one email a week, you’ll stay informed with our best picks and insights in the ever-changing world of neuroscience.  And don’t worry, we’re humans too.  We hate spam, and we’ll always respect both your privacy and your time.

And one more thing:  Stay Smart!

Where to go from here?  Try our Get Started page.  It has links to many of our “greatest hits” and past favorites.

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