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Holiday Stocking Stuffers 2015

Stumped on what to get your favorite smarty pants this holiday season?

Fear not!  We’ve put together a short list of “favorite things” that help us stay smart.

For Your Parents…

Cognitive enhancers for brains that have been around the block.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine’s not just for bodybuilders!  Check out Episode 75, Creatine: Brains and Brawn? to learn more about the cognitive benefits of creatine.


Studies show that phosphatidylserine supplementation results in significant improvement in cognition for older brains. Listen to Episode 79, Phosphatidylserine: Extra Oomph, Even For Young Brains to learn more about the benefits of phosphatidylserine.

For Teen or College Student…

Give the gift of sleep. Teenagers and young adult students are among most sleep deprived populations. Sleep is critical for memory consolidation and systemic repair of both body and brain.

Natural Calm

DIY Sleep Stack

Get crafty and put together the perfect stack to promote a great night’s sleep.
L-tryptophan: 500 – 1000mg
5HTP: 50 – 100mg
Vitamin B6: 50mg
Sustained Release Melatonin: 0.3mg

For more on the importance of sleep and tips on how to maximize your snoozing, Dr. Christopher Winter and Dr. Kirk Parsley both have a lot to say on the subject.

For Your Lady Friend…

Because holiday stress is real.

Sensory Deprivation Tank

Instead of a massage, treat her to a sensory deprivation float experience. Tip: You can usually find a great deal on Living Social or Groupon.

Check out Episode 49 for a discussion on the benefits of sensory deprivation tanks.

For Your Beau…

Give him a night he’ll never forget…with a supplement designed to promote Lucid Dreaming.


Galantanmine is often used by Lucid Dreaming hobbyists to make intense, vivid dreams more likely.  (Don’t know about Lucid Dreams?  Check out Episode #59 with Dr. Deirdre Barrett.)  This can be strong stuff, and can disrupt your sleep if you take it at the start of a full night’s sleep.  The “best practice” approach is to set your alarm to wake you after you’ve gotten a few good sleep cycles in the bag — maybe 5-6 hours after your bedtime — and take a quick dose of Galantanmine and go back to sleep.  Then buckle up for some action-packed dreams!

For Your Best Friend…

Everyone’s busy these days, especially around the holiday season, so give the gift of energy to keep them going.

Methylated B Vitamin

Research shows that as much as 40 percent of the population is deficient in Vitamin B12. B12 is integral to how your body produces energy, keeping your cells fed, happy, and healthy. Low energy and mood are common symptoms of a B12 deficiency. B12 is also very neuro-protective – specifically protecting your brain and nerve cell myelin.

Kimera Koffee

What could be better than coffee and nootropics?

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