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2014 Smart Drug Smarts Sneak Preview

2013 was the first full year of Smart Drug Smarts.

The podcast toddled, I think it’s fair to say.  In 2014, I intend for it to walk.  And by 2015, hopefully it will be entirely out of diapers and entering its first spelling bees, but that’s looking too far ahead.

Anyhow, being that it’s the end of the year now (2013), I’m feeling, as many of us are, in a “looking back / looking ahead” sort of mood.  I’m also away from family during this year’s holidays, which gives me a rare bushel of free time.

So what can you expect from Smart Drug Smarts in 2014?

I might as well hang some things out there to hold myself to, both as an accountability metric, and so listeners and readers (that means you!) can chime in if I’m way off the mark on what I think might be valuable for you.  The first one is obvious to any repeat-listener: I need to get on a more consistent production schedule.  The podcast was always intended to be weekly, and in 2014 I’ll be redoubling my efforts to make that happen.  But that’s not all…

Nootropic Stack Data Collection + Sharing

Who’s taking what, how much, and how often?  This is a big question for a lot of minds, including me.  I’m guessing the answers are going to vary really, really widely, but that’s just based on my informal straw polls.  I’m excited to get some online data-collection happening in the really near future.  As in, it’s being coded now, by the time you read these words.

A Quickie Guide to Nootropics

What you can expect from different smart drugs as far as…

  1. Subjective Experience
  2. Evidence-Backed Effectiveness
  3. Safety
  4. Time Period of Effects
  5. Ballpark Cost-per-Dosage

Putting a simple resource like this together on the website is something that’s long overdue.

An App

Yep, an app.  In my life outside Smart Drug Smarts, I’m a software developer, and why the heck haven’t I made an app for Smart Drug Smarts yet?

No good reason, that’s why.

I’ll be changing that soon.  Probably nothing too fancy, but a way to make sure you’ve always got the newest podcast episode in your hip-pocket, plus a way to manage your nootropic stack and what you’re taking on what days, for those of you who like to cycle your supplements.  This will be iOS first, Android second, because I’m an Apple guy, so apologies to the ‘droid fans out there.

More Awesome Guests, on a More Regular Schedule

So why can I now predict this with conviction when I’ve tried and failed at this for a year now?

One very good reason, and his name is Ben.

As of about 3 weeks ago, I’ve got a bona fide producer running things on the show: Ben Pomeroy (a man who’s nootropic credentials include accidentally hyper-dosing himself on Modafinil).  Ben will be the engine behind the vast majority of the changes and improvements you see in Smart Drug Smarts over the next 3-6 months, and he’s already been directly responsible for the uptick in publication over the past couple weeks.  So far as that goes, if you have any requests for episode content, drop an email directly to Ben and cut out the now-extraneous middle man (me).

More Futurism

I always thought I was into sci-fi. Well that’s true, I am, but I think I’m really generally just into what if scenarios, and the future is the ultimate what-if.  Not to mention, some version of it (whether we see it coming or not) is real.  One of my favorite episodes thus far, though it touched only lightly on smart drugs, was with philosopher David Pearce on transhumanism and really broad “where are we going as a species” topics.  It’s something I find incredibly intriguing because inevitably, something amazing is going to happen — good, bad, or just weird — and there are too many variables involved to do much more than speculating.  Anyway, expect more episodes with themes along these lines.

That’s five things already, probably enough to stop before my typing fingers start writing checks that my schedule can’t cash.  But rest assured that Smart Drug Smarts is moving way up the priority-pole around here, and I really thank all of you who have been listening and participating up until this point.

This nerd party is just getting started.

Happy Preemptive New Year.



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