What are Nootropics?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding nootropics and cognitive enhancers.  The two terms are often used interchangeably, but if you want to get really technical about it — and let’s face it, we do — then nootropic refers only to a narrow category of cognitive enhancing supplements.

A substance must meet five tough criteria to be considered an honest-to-goodness nootropic.

Read on for the official definition of a true nootropic, the difference between nootropics and “cognitive enhancers,” and our homegrown Smart Drug Smarts definition.  (Hat-tip to Abelard Lindsay for stating this nicely in Episode #85.)


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Written by Hannah Sabih
Hannah believes there's nothing 8 hours of sleep and some kale can't cure (yes, she's from California). She's an avid runner, reader, and traveler, who brings you the latest and greatest in neuroscience via our social media channels.
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