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There's a small, close-knit band of brain enthusiasts at the core of Smart Drug Smarts. Each of us is excited to lend our skills in dispensing the latest word on brain-optimization - and benefiting from that info ourselves. :)
Jesse Lawler
Founder and Host
Jesse is the voice of Smart Drug Smarts, founder of the podcast and long-time brain enthusiast and mad scientist fanboy. The podcast provides him a credible cover story to call up really smart people and see what they’re up to.
Rhiannan Roe
Community Manager
Rhiannan scours the world of neuroscience daily to bring us our amazing interview guests - and to make sure we're always at the cutting edge of what's new and awesome.
Hannah Sabih
Czarina of Marketing & Operations
Hannah believes there's nothing 8 hours of sleep and some kale can't cure (yes, she's from California). She's an avid runner, reader, and traveler, who works tirelessly to get Smart Drug Smarts out to the world and running seamlessly.
Giang Nguyen
UI/UX Designer
Giang is the design know-it-all responsible for keeping Smart Drug Smarts looking like Smart Drug Smarts. Hardly a pixel makes it out the door without her calculated attention.
David Sabih
General Counsel
David is an attorney and litigator with 40+ years of experience and successes under his belt. He is also a dedicated health nut, and enjoys tinkering with diet, supplements, and exercise in his quest for good health and slow aging.
Michelle Silbernagel
Knowledge Spelunker
Michelle, a deep rabbit hole diver, is a quintessential seeker of knowledge and an avid content consumer. At Smart Drug Smarts she switch-hits on everything from industry research to article writing to ideological cheerleading in the wider media world.
Feline Test Subject
Attempts to measurably improve Mimi’s intelligence through nootropics have been largely unsuccessful.