Episode 57


For our 2014 Christmas edition of Smart Drug Smarts, we’re joined by Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, co-author of The Rhodiola Revolution and co-founder of Breath–Body–Mind.  Dr. Gerbarg introduces us to herbal supplement Rhodiola rosea, which is used to increase stamina, decrease mental fatigue, combat stress, and ease the negative effects of living in high altitude societies.

We’ll also learn a 60-second brain-health test you can do at home, how you could teach yourself synesthesia, and how best to prepare yourself for an encounter with a fire-breathing bull!

Episode Highlights

0:34Santa's Stimulant: Rhodiola Rosea
1:44This Week in Neuroscience: Brain Training Can Teach Synesthesia-Like Perception
4:28iTunes Review thank-you
5:11Introduction to Dr. Patricia Gerbarg
6:22What's the difference between "true" adaptogens and herbs with adaptogenic properties?
7:03How liquid chromatography can help you identify active components of different drugs
8:53The history of Rhodiola rosea or "the golden root" and its use in high altitude societies
12:37Rhodiola rosea in Greek Mythology
16:!9Effects of Rhodiola rosea on mental and physical energy levels and cognition
18:53ATP, cellular repair systems, and aging
20:48Anti-aging and stress studies on Rhodiola rosea and other adaptogens
23:30Adaptogens in space
25:15How Rhodiola rosea research was brought to the United States from Russia
26:00Dr. Gerbarg and Dr. Brown's first English-language review of Rhodiola rosea, and how research has progressed since then
27:12Limitations and risks of Rhodiola rosea and differences in reactions to dosages
30:57Rhodiola rosea in sports drinks and a question about L-theanine
32:24Half-life range and best times of day to supplement
33:15Dr. Gerbarg's personal usage of Rhodia rosea, her experience with Lyme disease, and her book, The Rhodiola Revolution
35:53Rhodiola rosea and its role in fertility and cancer treatment
38:57An invitation to join some of us at Smart Drug Smarts in a therapeutic water fast
39:45Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: 60-Second Brain Health Test
Written by Rhiannan Roe
Rhiannan Roe is a writer, editor and unapologetic champion of self-improvement. Combining her passions has led to her helping several start-ups across three continents. In her spare time she travels, collects stories from inspiring people, and fruitlessly endeavors to read every book ever written.
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