Episode 42

Dr. Andrew Hill joins us again on Smart Drug Smarts to talk about his recent study conducted at the Alternatives Brain Institute in Los Angeles, measuring the effects of truBrain on some of the quickest minds on Wall Street. The double-blind testing was conducted in conjunction with members of the Sang Lucci trading group in New York and the group’s “brain fingerprints” were taken while they carried out their regular daily tasks on a simulated trading floor. Dr. Hill highlights for us the differences in brains trained for turbo-concentration versus those of the average bear and defines the “nootropic sweet spot.”

Episode Highlights

1:24This Week In Neuroscience: How Following a High-Fat Diet Can Alter Your Sense of Smell
3:43What’s new with truBrain and an introduction to Think Drink
6:16Changes in the truBrain blend: caffeine and pill count
11:21The convenience of pre-made stacks
13:04The Neuroscience of Trading: Sang Lucci research group at the Alternatives Brain Institute
16:30The trends and results – alpha power and beta power
21:13Participants’ self-evaluations of their consumption and the “nootropic sweet spot”
24:08The difficulties of organizing successful scientific studies – credit where credit’s due!
24:53“I will kill you” (or… insight on self-motivation and the actual importance of the tasks we set ourselves)
30:16Episode #43 teaser: the Ethics & Morality of Smart Drugs

Key Terms Mentioned

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