Episode 40

As we cruise into Episode #40 of our little podcast, we take stock of the current state of affairs in the smart drugs market by switching up our format just a bit. Jesse has a conversational “roundtable” chat with Mike Minneman, founder of the popular smart drug blog SmarterNootropics.com and Mans Denton, blogger at TheHackedMind.com and an online nootropics retailer at PureNootropics.net. They discuss some popular misconceptions about smart drugs, their personal favorite stacks, and other topics surrounding the growing popularity of neurological performance enhancers.

This Week In Neuroscience: Detailed Mapping Locates an Area of the Brain that Makes Humans, Human

Oxford University researchers have found an area of the human brain that is unique to humans, and is likely responsible for the nuanced skills of long-term planning and learning from the mistakes of others – skills that orangutans just can’t seem to figure out.

MRI scans of 25 adult human volunteers were used to map the key areas of the brain known as the ventrolateral frontal cortex. This mapping was compared to similar MRI scans from 25 macaque monkey “volunteers.”

There are 12 distinct areas of the ventrolateral frontal cortex that are operant in many of the highest functions of human cognition and language. Eleven of the 12 areas in this region have an analogous region in other primates.

But an outlier area, found only in humans, is called the lateral frontal pole prefrontal cortex – related to multitasking, strategic planning and decision making. A spokesman for Orangutans had no comment.

Read the original article here.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why the popular media depiction of smart drugs is off-base
  • What smart drugs or stacks Mike and Mans use
  • Three words: Lemon Balm Tea
  • Why basic, optimal health is the foundation for higher cognitive function
  • The fascinating phenomenon of the placebo effect

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Written by Ben Pomeroy
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