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What would the opposite of a hangover feel like?   What would it be like to hang out in Einstein’s brain for a while, or Shakespeare’s, or Jared Diamond’s?

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If you’re coming a bit late to the Smart Drug Smarts party, no problem.  This page is here to help you get caught up on what you’ve missed.

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Episodes Categories

We’ve arranged our episodes by category on the home page and in the menu, up top.   So you know where you’re navigating to, here’s a short explanation of each…

  • Brain Health – Head here for the basics on how to get your brain into tip-top shape.
  • Neuroscience – The latest neuroscience advancements around the globe from the best of the best.
  • Smart Drugs –  Here, we dig into the main focus of our show:  Listen to nootropics self-experiments and check out insights from doctors, pharmacists, and other smart-drug virtuosos.
  • Nutrition – Everything we consume affects how we think.  World-renowned nutrition authorities school us on what we should be eating to maximize our brain-power.
  • Fringe – Sometimes, a step in the right cognitive direction is dependent on some out-of-the-box thinking.  Here, we explore some satellite topics that affect our overall well-being, and touch on some interesting “things to ponder.”

If you’re looking for an episode related to a specific smart drug, head to our Smart Drugs Library – here you’ll find information about each substance, and all the related episodes we’ve done so far.

All our back-episodes are also viewable, in date order, on the Episodes page.

What about the legality of all this stuff? “Drugs” is a scary word, right — not just physiologically, but also legally.  Check out this episode on Internet-Purchase of Prescription Drugs (something frequently done without a prescription). Or head over to our Legality Look-Up Page to check what’s available on and off-label in your country.

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