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Episode 5

In this week’s episode, Jesse talks with Gabe Lee, the co-creator of BrainStack – a non-prescription supplement combining several different nootropics. Lee discusses his story of how he became interested in nootropics, why and how he created his own, and how it works. Listeners who hang around until the end of the podcast will hear a particularly salacious Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick about a “smart drug” you never thought of as a smart drug.  Or you can read about that study here.

Brain Optimization as a Personal Quest

Diagnosed with ADD at the ripe old age of his mid-twenties, Gabe Lee started down the path of trying to improve his own concentration and mental performance and how to maintain focus with the use of Adderall.  Lee describes his Adderall experiences and why – despite its short-term upsides – he felt the need to combat ADD in a way that avoided Adderall’s side effects… Eventually leading to the creation of his own self-designed nootropics “stack.”  Also in his overall productivity-hacking regimen, Lee discusses green tea and his practice of Intermittent Fasting for both health maintenance and daily efficiency.

Deciding on BrainStack’s Ingredients

“I was into taking different supplements…and I had a light bulb moment,” says Lee.  He describes his research and how he sought out chemical combinations that increased focus but wouldn’t create caffeine-style jitters. Lee says his research included a lot of work determining specific “sweet spot” dosages to give the effects desired without running the risks of side effects or overstimulation in sensitive BrainStack users.

This Week in Neuroscience: Oregano Oil Aids Brain Health

Better brain health could be as easy as raiding your spice cabinet. A clinical study detailed in the British Journal of Nutrition found that oregano oils can increase (or technically, prevent the decrease) of neurotransmitter levels related to concentration, relaxation, improved learning, and alertness. Read the full article here.

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