Apologies for the ultra-brief post, but we wanted to get this Overdose Edition up quickly…

The Flynn Effect is a strange-but-true revelation.  Over the course of the 20th century — and apparently continuing still — “average” people in countries around the world, as measured by standardized IQ tests, are getting smarter and smarter and smarter. 

Dr. Roger Staff explains his findings from research into the cognitive health of the population of the city of Aberdeen over seven decades (and counting!).  In addition, we’ll learn the suspected reasons behind the generalized growth in smartness — and what we can expect for the continuation of the trend.

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Written by Jesse Lawler
Jesse Lawler is a technologist, health nut, entrepreneur, and "one whose power switch defaults to On."  He created Smart Drug Smarts to learn how to make his brain do even more, and is greatly pleased to now see his little baby Frankenstein toddling around and helping others.  Jesse tweets about personal optimization, tech, and other stuff he finds interesting at @Lawlerpalooza.