Episode 94

In Episode #94, Dr. James Giordano joins Jesse for a conversation about brain stimulation technologies that work both through the skull (trans-cranial electric stimulation, or tES, and trans-cranial magnetic stimulation, or tMS) and by way of invasive surgical procedures (deep brain stimulation, or DBS). What is today’s state-of-the art and what might it be in the very near future?

Throw in a spirited conversation about neuroethics — Dr. Giordano consults DARPA on these issues, helping to keep the U.S. military’s most sci-fi branch ethically on-track — and you’ve got an episode that will leave your brain fully charged.

Episode Highlights

0:33The application of electricity to the brain.
1:43This Week In Neuroscience: To punish or not to punish.
4:15Thank you for the great reviews on iTunes.
5:09The audience interaction section.
6:18Jesse introduces Dr. James Giordano.
7:44An overview on deep brain stimulation, or DBS.
9:11The OMNI (Octopus Multiple Neurological Implant) device.
13:03Looking at trans-cranial technologies.
16:34Differences between trans-cranial electric and magnetic stimulation.
18:09Neurological nudging.
19:36Direct-to-consumer options - the road ahead.
23:30The neuroethics conversation.
27:57The future trajectory.
31:07Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Some interesting astronaut statistics.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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