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Episode 88

Methylphenidate, which has been featured a few times before on Smart Drug Smarts, makes a comeback in this week’s episode.  Join Jesse as he preps for and conducts an “n=1” self-experiment, his first-ever Ritalin experience (conducted with a little help from a friend).  Along the way, we talk to a few other users — both prescription and non-prescription users — who present their own subjective experiences, and help Jesse evaluate his.  What results does the experiment yield?  Tune in to find out.

REM sleep — another familiar name in the world of cognitive enhancement — also finds its way back in this episode and reemphasizes its place in every biohacker’s toolkit.

Episode Highlights

0:43Introducing the single-subject scientific experiment.
1:52This Week In Neuroscience: Emotions and sleep.
3:21The listener interaction section.
5:52A quick follow-up on last week's episode
6:22Prepping for the self-experiment - the background.
7:59A friend in need is a friend indeed - Mr. Speak-n-Spell.
10:03Let the experiment begin.
10:3545 minutes in - Jesse's initial reactions to Methylphenidate.
11:20Self-experiment observation # 1.
11:37Mr. Speak-n-Spell - part deux aka The Protocol.
13:12Self-experiment observation # 2.
13:47A prescription user's experience with Methylphenidate.
15:39Three and a half hours after the experiment began.
17:18Self-experiment observation # 3.
18:17The Return of Mr. Speak-n-Spell.
18:39Ritalin in history - Paul Erdos - A mathematical monk.
20:54Non-cognitive uses for Methylphenidate.
23:09Self-experiment observation # 4.
25:05The final analysis.
29:06Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Evolution of the eye.

Links mentioned in this episode.

  • Paced Breathing App.
  • The article cited in the final analysis.
  • Jesse’s electronica recommendation.
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    Written by Anushtup Chatterjee