Episode 87

“If you think about this kind of treatment, there’s one important component you have to consider: there’s a difference between wanting and liking” says Dr. Robert Reiner.  The topic under discussion is Virtual Reality Therapy, a method for treating phobias and anxiety that Reiner has been on the forefront of for nearly three decades.  He and Jesse discuss the evolution of the treatment modality and its use in modern psychology.

Also in this episode, Jesse reveals his own personal phobia — something that’s been haunting him since he was a barefoot four-year-old in a soggy Oregonian garden patch…

Episode Highlights

0:45An introduction to Virtual Reality therapy.
1:44This Week In Neuroscience: Linking emotions to memories.
5:38A great week in listener interaction.
7:32Check out our recently launched stacks at Axon Labs.
8:23Jesse introduces Dr. Robert Reiner.
9:06A primer on Virtual Reality therapy by Dr. Reiner.
10:28Treating different kinds of phobias.
12:03Fear of flying vs fear of public speaking.
13:26The evolution of some common phobias.
14:24Inducing phobias artificially and bio-feedback.
16:15Prediction error and abdominal breathing.
19:25How phobias, addictions and OCD build up over time.
20:39The technology of Virtual Reality therapy.
21:48Systematic de-sensitization.
23:44Addiction vs phobia.
27:04Jesse reveals his one and only phobia.
27:54Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: A significant and salacious finding.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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