Episode 83

In Episode #83, Jesse — following up on his long-ago “Aniracetam self-experiment” episode — calls in some scientific muscle and is joined by Professor Keith Wesnes. Over a career spanning more than four decades, Professor Wesnes has founded one of the world’s leading companies for testing cognitive function and has been responsible for almost 200 clinical trials — including Aniracetam tests for its original European manufacturer.

In This Week In Neuroscience, we learn how a recent study on mice has led researchers to find how the brain deciphers movement, speed, and spatial mapping.  (Do mice have an internal “speed limit”? A small group of cells near the hippocampus seems to say: Yes.)

Aniracetam fan?  You’re not alone.  Aniracetam is the compound at the heart of NEXUS, the flagship cognitive stack from Axon Labs.

Episode Highlights

0:49Aniracetam making a comeback on Smart Drug Smarts.
2:20This Week In Neuroscience: The speedometer in our brain.
4:41Thank you for the great reviews on iTunes.
6:37Introducing Professor Keith Wesnes.
7:31How it all began.
9:48Testing Aniracetam for Hoffmann-La Roche.
11:44How did a whole lot of different racetams come about?
12:42Aniracetams and Ampakines.
14:22Cognitive benefits of Aniracetam on normal, healthy brains.
15:18Anxiolytic function of Aniracetam.
15:53Top 3 interesting research discoveries.
18:16The evolution of anti-depressant drugs.
19:25Safety profile of Aniracetam and the prescription debate.
20:50The CDR System results table
21:57Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Animal consciousness - a thought experiment.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee