Episode 82

American mycologist Paul Stamets said, “Lion’s Mane is maybe our first smart mushroom.”

Eric Cerecedes — expert in the field and founder of MycoFormulas — joins Jesse for a wildly interesting conversation about mushrooms. The biological headliner is Lion’s Mane mushroom, but their chat ranges from ecological food-webs and the Gaia Hypothesis, to obstacles to research funding for mushroom studies in the West.

Also in this episode, find out how scientists are using genetically modified fish to find out more about Motor Neuron Disease, and how a journalist’s elaborate hoax reinforces the idea that a healthy dose of skepticism is never a bad thing.

Episode Highlights

0:33The first ever fungal edition.
2:02This Week In Neuroscience: Transparent fish to the rescue.
4:24Shout-out for a great iTunes review.
5:54Twitter chat on Omega-3 with Dr. Michael Lewis coming up soon.
7:13Teaser about an opinion piece by Jesse on cognitive enhancement.
7:49Jesse introduces Eric Cerecedes.
9:30Eric's early experiences with mushrooms.
12:03Mushroom cultivation.
12:54A common misconception.
14:14Lack of mushrooms in Western diet.
15:54Poisonous mushrooms - a hype?
16:34Research on cognitive and other benefits of Lion's Mane mushroom.
19:33External and internal healing properties.
21:34Mechanism of action.
22:22The Circle of Life and different types of mushroom.
25:17The Gaia Theory.
26:38Challenges facing mushroom research.
28:37When the oyster mushroom was taken to court.
29:57Dosage - dependent on cultivation source.
31:54Cultivation techniques at Eric's company.
36:15Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: The importance of healthy skepticism.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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