Episode 81

Remember that Robert Frost poem about “dark and lovely woods, with miles to go and promises to keep before one sleeps?”

Herein lies the problem.  With social evolution and technological advancements, we have pushed sleep towards the bottom of our priority list.  Ex-Navy SEAL Dr. Kirk Parsley joins Jesse this week for a candid discourse on sleep.  From the pros and cons of biphasic sleep, to the importance of naps, to Doc Parsley’s personal experiences with sleep-deprived SEALs…  This is an episode worth staying awake for.

Shifting gears from Robert Frost to Robert Kelly…  Remember the song “I Believe I Can Fly”? Well, it turns out that believing you can get smarter, can actually make you smarter.  In This Week In Neuroscience, Jesse gives us a lowdown on the concept of malleable intelligence – and why it’s something everyone should know about.

Episode Highlights

0:35Enhacing your brain with sleep.
1:32This Week In Neuroscience: Malleable intelligence - believe it!
4:08Five star reviews on iTunes.
4:56Text SDS to 33733 to join our mailing list. Easy peasy.
5:38Jesse introduces Dr. Kirk Parsley.
6:45Doc Parsley's background in sleep study.
7:18Navy SEALs and the Tactical Athlete Program.
11:11Telling people to sleep more is a very unpopular message.
12:09Biphasic sleep.
14:09Optimizing sleep - the ideal vs the reality.
15:00The science behind naps and the Nap Wheel.
18:30Being sleep deprived and tired akin to being drunk.
19:43Things that interfere with sleep.
20:48The connection between sleep and nutrition.
23:13Jesse and Doc Parsley discuss their experiences with Ketogenic diet.
24:55Sleep Debt - can we ever catch up?
26:41Sleep hygiene.
30:26Optimize hygiene or optimize amount - what is the best way to optimize sleep?
31:21Doc Parsley's sleep supplements.
34:11Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Loud noises can increase the risk of obesity.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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