Episode 80

This week, Jesse talks about addiction with Dr. Jeremy Martinez

Could a smart drug “habit” be a gateway to addiction?  What’s the difference between addiction and physical dependence?  What’s going on with the brain’s dopaminergic systems during addictive behavior?  Tune in to find out.

Also in this episode, learn how to time your exercise routine to maximize your brain’s power to memorize.

Episode Highlights

1:08Jesse gives us a lowdown on this week's episode.
1:58This Week In Neuroscience: The relationship between the brain and the gut, before and after birth.
3:54Thank you for the great reviews on iTunes.
5:57A brand new way to sign up for the Smart Drug Smarts mailing list and keep your brain charged up with the latest in neuroscience.
7:24Jesse introduces Dr. Jeremy Martinez.
8:56Lesser known types of addiction and the distinction between physical dependence and addiction.
13:02Discussion about Dopamine and addiction.
15:42An interesting way to look at neurotransmitters and how drugs may affect them.
17:03A study showing how exercise has positive effects on recovering addicts.
18:14Jesse ruminates about the origin of Smart Drug Smarts and gives us an insight into his journey with this podcast.
19:40Some of the more bizarre addictions that Dr. Jeremy Martinez has come across.
21:31Can our favorite cognitive enhancers lead us down the addiction rabbit-hole?
23:42The optimum method to determine whether you have a "problem" with a certain substance.
25:20Dr. Martinez shares his insights about treating cocaine addiction.
26:48Some hard-hitting advice from Dr. Martinez for those of us who are into cognitive enhancements
30:12Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: When to time your exercise to get the best cognitive results.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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