Episode 77

Dr. Michael Lewis is back!  This time he helps Jesse organize a shoot-out between the various types of Omega-3-fatty-acid-containing foods and supplements.  (Omega-3’s, you may remember from Dr. Lewis’ previous episode, play a crucial role in brain, heart, and circulatory health.)  From production methods to bio-absorption percentages to dosage, diet and dangers; everything gets thrown around as the fight gets underway…

Also covered in this episode: Evidence from neuroscience that your internal homunculus tracks width and length independently (who knew?), and some strange historical facts about what “performance enhancing drugs” meant to the Third Reich.

Episode Highlights

0:33Get ready for a cage match between the three types of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
2:06This Week In Neuroscience: How the brain figures out where the body is physically positioned in space.
5:17iTunes reviews and updates on the Smart Drug Smarts Audience Census.
6:34Jesse introduces Dr. Michael Lewis.
8:35Breaking down the differences between EPA, DHA and ALA.
10:43Best sources for EPA and DHA and the bio-availability between different sources.
11:46How do fish get their Omega-3 supply and the concept of bio-accumulation.
13:50Behind the scenes look at commercial production of Omega-3.
15:10Molecular distillation and the process of cleaning Omega-3.
17:53Some great advice for your next Fish Oil shopping trip.
21:37A quick lowdown on Krill Oil.
23:03Farming fish vs catching fish.
24:27Dr. Lewis discusses the diet that he and his family follow.
28:01Omega-3 dosage and the effects associated with overdosing.
29:26The importance of measuring the ratio between Omega-6 and Omega-3.
30:33Check out the Omega Protocol on Dr. Lewis's website.
33:27Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Stimulants For Military Use During The Third Reich
35:38(For Axon users) Show notes online here.

P.S. – No actual fish were directly harmed while producing this episode, and a watchful eye was kept on MiMi the cat.  For your share of tasty neuroscience morsels sign up for our newsletter below.

Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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