Episode 76

Jesse has a freewheeling discussion with John Danaher about “moral enhancement” technologies – old and new.  They talk about emerging technologies, ethics and the notion that the mind extends much beyond our body and brain.  (All without sounding remotely woo-woo!)

Also, for those who are not pain enthusiasts, keep your ears peeled for the Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick, where Jesse reveals a secret to (modestly) reducing pain that you can anticipate in advance.

By the way, here is the article that first turned Jesse on to John Danaher – heartily recommended if you like some philosophy along with your doomsday scenarios. – Jesse

Episode Highlights

1:09The future of moral enhancement and and control systems.
2:05This Week In Neuroscience: A gene mutation that enhances images making them more vivid.
4:08iTunes reviews and the Smart Drug Smarts Audience Census.
5:24An introduction to John Danaher.
6:56What is enhancement? A quick lowdown.
8:52Going deeper into moral enhancement.
10:00Feeling the pull of the moral compass with the "Trolley Problem."
12:33If moral enhancement was possible, how would it work?
13:59The benefits of moral enhancement in the criminal justice system.
14:33The methods of enhancement - internal and external.
16:08Neuroplasticity and tampering with the brain.
17:00Introducing the Extended Mind Project.
20:28Modifying morality with classical conditioning and an interesting device called Pavlok.
21:31The arguments against Extended Mind hypothesis.
24:50John Danaher's personal take on the Extended Mind hypothesis and the enhancement debate.
32:45Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: A great tip to reduce pain.
34:19(For Axon users) Show notes online here.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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