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Episode 71

In Episode #71, Jesse speaks to Professor Andrew Scholey of the Swinburne Centre for Human Psychopharmacology.  Professor Scholey takes us through the history and effects of Lemon Balm – a plant with both mood and cognitive-enhancement properties.

We’ll also hear about the effects of human DNA on transgenic rodent brains, and have a look at the neuroscience behind criminal behavior.

Episode Highlights

0:33What is Lemon Balm?
1:23This Week in Neuroscience: Human DNA Enlarges Mouse Brains
3:27iTunes review thank-yous
4:38Anyone interested in a group keto experiment?
5:22Introduction to Professor Andrew Scholey
6:10The history of Lemon Balm's use as a cognitive enhancer, and its effects on mood and alertness
11:02A look at perceived effort and neural efficiency
12:12Palatable delivery methods for lemon balm and a study of topical delivery for Alzheimer's patients
14:38Issues with regulation of plant-based cognitive enhancers (also mentioned in Episode 55: Plant-Based Cognitive Enhancers)
17:40Is lemon balm primarily considered a mood enhancer or a cognitive enhancer?
20:17Lemon balm and GABA
21:04Where does lemon balm come from, and does it produce any negative effects?
22:02Possible follow-up episode topics for Professor Scholey, and the difficulties in regulating nutraceuticals
23:09Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: The Brain on Trial
24:41A shout-out and thank-you to Garrett Wissbaum
25:14Sneak peek at next week's episode topic
25:40(For Axon users) Show notes online here
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