Episode 69

For Episode #69, we welcome back Dr. Jehangeer Sunderji, of Mind Body Medicine in Santa Monica, California, to speak about a household name among cognitive enhancers: Ritalin.  Dr. Sunderji runs through the benefits – as well as the risks – of this powerful smart drug and stimulant, and advocates the importance of careful diagnosis and responsible dosing.

We’ll also hear about how our genetic make-up greatly influences how likely we are to suffer from anxiety – and how that can lead to our attraction to drugs and addiction.  Finally, Jesse rolls his eyes at a brain-controlled fashion accessory that can show those around us how we feel… if they happen to be looking at our butts.

Episode Highlights

0:32Welcoming back Dr Jehangeer Sunderji for our long awaited Ritalin (methylphenidate) episode
1:26This Week in Neuroscience: The Feel-Good Gene
3:17Audience thank-yous
3:53Jesses update on his ketogenic diet experiment
5:21DIY biohacking communities 
6:01Methylphenidate drawbacks and benefits (also mentioned in Episode 65: CANTAB – Quantified Cognition
7:11What is methylphenidate – how does it work, what is it used for, and why was it invented?
8:45Ritalin vs Adderall
10:30Factors effecting how individuals react to Ritalin
12:00How Ritalin effects the brain structure of people diagnosed with ADHD vs those who are misdiagnosed 
13:23Habit-forming differences between Ritalin and Adderall 
14:24Methylphenidate on the gray market  
15:19The physiological side-effects of Ritalin, and how cravings for other substances can be triggered by activating addiction-based circuitry 
16:53Differences in product formulation from country to country
18:11ADHD-drug dosing – what excessive amounts can do to your body, how dependencies are formed, and how "drug holidays" work
23:13Monitoring administration, and the dangers of drug diversion and general misuse 
24:47Disaster scenarios due to drug (and fruit) interactions
26:07The trade-offs between Ritalin's undeniable cognitive enhancement properties and the risks involved with taking it 
28:50Jesses thoughts on Ritalin
29:43Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: Japanese Neurowear Accessories

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Written by Rhiannan Roe
Rhiannan Roe is a writer, editor and unapologetic champion of self-improvement. Combining her passions has led to her helping several start-ups across three continents. In her spare time she travels, collects stories from inspiring people, and fruitlessly endeavors to read every book ever written.