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Episode 62


In Episode #62, we hear from Dr. Belinda Pletzer of Salzburg University about the surprising effects of oral contraception on brain structure. Although Dr. Pletzer is careful to note that – because further research is in order – “The Pill” shouldn’t necessarily be considered cognitively beneficial or detrimental, her findings nonetheless merit some thought. Especially considering that approximately 100 million women worldwide are taking The Pill on a daily basis!

We’ll also find out why the Federal Trade Commission is enforcing new requirements for how “brain games” are advertized, and take a look at an alternative hypothesis for the cause of addiction.

Episode Highlights

0:31What do contraceptive pills have to do with cognition?
1:41This Week in Neuroscience: Federal Trade Commission Cracking Down On "Brain Game" Claims
3:36iTunes Review thank-you
4:58Follow-up question (and answer!) from Episode #60: Blood Work With Dr. Alexis Shields
6:54Thanks to Dante for "The Pill" topic suggestion
7:49The accidental way this study began, and the differences found in the participants' brains
9:04Androgenic vs anti-androgenic contraceptives and their opposite effects on the body and brain structure
12:33What does "an increase in gray matter" actually mean?
13:36The parts of the brain that have shown to be most affected by "The Pill", and what the fusiform gyrus is used for
15:07How oral contraceptives affect facial recognition
16:36Dr. Pletzer's thoughts on the need for bigger data sets and more comprehensive studies on the topic
18:16Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think
22:20Episode #63 teaser
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