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Episode 59


Jesse speaks with Dr. Deirdre Barrett, Author, Psychologist and world-leading dream expert. Dr. Barrett shares with us the ins and outs of lucid dreaming – what lucidity is, how to achieve it, and how the ability can be used as part of our cognitive toolkits.

We’ll also hear about a newly developed early-detection method for Alzheimer’s disease, and find out why we should think twice before feeding children fast food.

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Episode Highlights

0:40What are lucid dreams?
1:44This Week in Neuroscience: New Non-Invasive Method For Alzheimer's Detection
4:37iTunes Review thank-yous (and a little heads-up!)
6:18The Wahls Protocol by Dr. Terry Wahls – now in paperback!
6:46Introduction to Dr. Deirdre Barrett and lucid dreaming
9:03Are there any ways of knowing – from a scientific perspective – if someone is lucid dreaming?
10:47Why don't we move while we sleep?
12:35What's going on in the brains of sleepwalkers?
13:46How to use lucid dreaming as a cognitive tool
15:42Do people ever get "stuck" in lucid dreams?
17:30Techniques to achieve lucidity
20:43Differences in dream-state abilities based on expertise in waking life
22:02What are dreams like for people who are born blind vs those who go blind later in life?
23:35More cues and "reality checks" to help you realize you're dreaming
27:56Time perception within dreams and REM sleep cycles
30:36Can lucid dreaming lose its appeal?
32:57Commonalities in people who can reach lucidity easily
34:07Technical ways to induce lucidity during sleep
36:56Jesse's "reality check" method
37:59Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: New Evidence That Fast Food Slows The Brain
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