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Episode 122

Warning! – Major B.S. Below This Point!

Episode #122 was an April Fool’s Joke, published on April 1st, 2016.
It just so happened April Fool’s landed on our normal publication day (Friday) and the opportunity was too evil to pass up.  The main interview of this episode is total hogwash (although the other segments are real, as usual).  Thanks to everyone for being a good sport.  😉
Details on the spoof — including the actors involved — can be found here.

This week Jesse talks to a doctor performing one of the most cutting-edge medical procedures today. 

At least, that’s what her proponents say.  Others are quick to point out that hers is a controversial, still-experimental therapy — and the time may be much too soon for human testing.

Dr. Andreet Mankala is an Oxford-educated cardiothoracic surgeon. She started her practice with a keen interest in learning why relatively young, healthy individuals suffered organ failure, something traditional Western medicine couldn’t explain.

A Spiritual Cure?

Dr. Mankala’s personal background with yoga, meditation, and spirituality, eventually led her to investigate the role of chakras in causing physical disease.

Chakras are points of energy in the human body. There are seven main chakras, and in healthy individuals energy should flow freely between them. However, when energy is blocked in a chakra, the consequences can be serious, sometimes even life-threatening.

Fixing the Heart (Chakra)

Jeff (name changed for privacy) was born with a congenital heart defect, and had countless surgeries to try to regain his health. He came to Dr. Mankala because of her reputation as a top tier cardiothoracic surgeon. After thoroughly studying Jeff’s symptoms, which included gastrointestinal issues, sexual dysfunction, and commitmentphobia, she realized he was a prime candidate for a chakra transplant.

An Experimental Surgery

Jeff’s surgery was one of the very first chakra transplants ever performed, and the treatment is still in its infancy. Even so, for Jeff it was worth the risk and has been a complete success.

Join Jesse as he speaks with both Dr. Mankala and Jeff about the difficulties in extracting a donor chakra, how to diagnose a blocked chakra, and how Dr. Mankala hopes to develop the treatment in the future. Then visit ChakraTransplant.com to learn more and sign up to be a chakra donor. You could save a life!

Written by Hannah Sabih
Hannah believes there's nothing 8 hours of sleep and some kale can't cure (yes, she's from California). She's an avid runner, reader, and traveler, who brings you the latest and greatest in neuroscience via our social media channels.
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