Episode 112

Back in Episode #104, Dr. Vince Clark made reference to a couple of dentists who were using dental orthotics — that is, orthodontics devices worn in the mouth — to affect brain systems in people suffering from conditions as varied as Tourette’s Syndrome to Sleep Apnea to untreatable Migraine Headaches.  It took a few weeks to chase down the dentists in question, but the seed of curiosity was too well planted not to turn this into an episode.

Now, we get to hear from Dr. Anthony Sims and Dr. Gary Demerjian, who are probably the two leading practitioners nationwide of this counterintuitive treatment approach — based on soothing irritated nerves in the jaw to alleviate symptoms often misdiagnosed as purely neurological.

Get ready for a paradigm-altering interview.

And if you’re curious to see the doctors’ patients’ testimonials and physical behavior before-and-after the insertion of their orthodontics, check out this videoAnd this one.  And this one. And this one too.

Episode Highlights

0:22What does dentistry have to do with cognition?
2:52 This Week in Neuroscience: So Much To Read, So Little Time
6:17The audience interaction section
8:20Introduction to Dr. Anthony Sims and Dr. Gary Demerjian's area of expertise
10:20Dr. Sims' transition from traditional dentistry to treating neurological disorders
14:20The trigeminal nerve: symptoms and bad signalling
16:41The connections between sneezing and Tourette's Syndrome
18:42Uneven growth rates and the effect on the trigeminal nerve
20:08How is this treatment catching on as a standard of care?
21:36How do dentistry interventions stack up to traditional medication?
22:45Which neurological conditions are treatable using this method?
25:22A shift in orthodontry teaching
26:09How quickly do people respond to treatments?
28:54Symptoms to look out for
30:06Sleep disorder treatment
30:57Aging and its effects on jaw structure and overall health
36:45 Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: Positive Stimuli Provide Benefits to the Distracted Brain
Written by Jesse Lawler
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