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Episode 111

Artificial Intelligence:  Hype, Hope, or Hell coming at us fast, by our own hand?

In Episode #111, Jesse speaks with futurist and author Calum Chase about his book Surviving AI: The promise and peril of artificial intelligence, and the increasing impacts of artificial intelligence on the world’s business and society — and the future of humanity itself.

The prospect of creating a true “AGI” (Artificial General Intelligence) capable of matching human-level thinking is probably the most transformative tech possibility in the coming decades.  Nothing would be unaffected.  Just imagine being able to mass-produce competent adult-level minds without needing to wait for the decades-long process of physical growth and education…

But that’s ignoring the more exciting/terrifying piece of the AI speculation game: If we can figure out how to manufacture human-level cognitive performance, there’s no reason to suspect that at that point, the sky is not the limit.  (Jesse writes at length about that topic here.)

Buckle up for a conversation that is both sober and mind-bending — covering topics from Technological Unemployment to how we can guarantee the morality of political systems when we don’t know for sure which intelligences are actually conscious.

And hang around — if you dare — for a Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick about one of the most taboo subjects on the Internet: A rationalist, secular recipe for Hell (or something close).

Episode Highlights

0:23Surviving AI by Calum Chase
2:04 This Week In Neuroscience: A Man's Hyper-Religiosity Was A Symptom Of Brain Atrophy
2:53The audience interaction section.
6:09Hungry for some Brain Breakfast?
7:46An introduction to Calum Chase and his body of work.
8:28Why is knowledge of A.I. becoming much more mainstream recently?
11:25Best and worst case scenarios for emerging A.I. in the near future.
14:31The future of digital assistants: Siri's descendants, "Her", and falling in love with A.I.
18:46The difference between "intelligence" and "consciousness"
22:52 The Paperclip Maximizer
26:31In defence of Ray Kurzweil's optimism.
29:11What options does the average human have in the face of A.I. becoming mainstream?
35:04Will there be one technological superintelligence, or several?
38:22"We need to stay the smartest species on the planet, and the way we do that is by uploading our brains into computers."
40:33Science fiction versus our burgeoning reality
41:49Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: Roko's basilisk [Note: Please listen to Jesse's warning beforehand - subject matter might be unsettling for some listeners.]
Written by Jesse Lawler
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