Episode 110

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

In Episode #110, Jesse is joined by Dr. Jim Adams from the USC School of Pharmacy (and author of Healing with Medicinal Plants of the West) for a far-ranging discussion about traditional plant medicines.  Countless cultures worldwide have surviving folk wisdom, botanical cures and remedies which may offer life-changing value even in the pharmaceutical age.  Dr. Adams balances scientific credentials with his spiritual insights as a Chumash Healer as he explains some of what nature has to offer for health and cognition.

Interested in exploring the healing traditions of plant medicine yourself?  Dr. Adams and his late healer/teacher, Ceclia Garcia, have written a series of Wilderness Articles with recipes for a number of curative tonics and linaments, many of which are mentioned in the main interview – including natural stroke treatments and plant based alternatives to NSAIDS.

In our regular segments, find out the ugly truth about the Illusory Truth Effect — and also how it is next to impossible to catch a dolphin off-guard.

Episode Highlights

0:34Getting back to nature.
1:24This Week In Neuroscience: ReaLIES!
3:40The audience interaction section.
5:26Jesse introduces Dr. Jim Adams.
6:12Pharmacology and medical traditions.
8:25Treating stroke.
10:53FDA and plant medicines.
12:18Plant medicines in China.
14:04Attitude adopted by big pharmaceuticals in the west.
15:43Bureaucratic roadblocks.
16:29Medical efficacy of tobacco.
18:47Chia seeds and how to use them.
19:45Functional foods and cactus.
22:15White Sage.
23:21Peyote and sacred dreams.
25:01Geographical considerations.
27:10Dangers of synthetic drugs.
28:08Pre-pharmaceutical era traditional healing.
30:57Dr. Adams' book and other resources.
32:40Dr. Adams' dietary choices.
34:13Concluding thoughts.
37:15Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Vigilant brain.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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