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Episode 109

Habit is the topic at hand for our inaugural episode of 2016.  Postdoctoral Research Associate Jen Labrecque joins Jesse for an in-depth look at habit and human behavior.  Tune in to find out more about habit formation, the power of environmental cues, and ideal ways to implement changes in your habits — for New Years Resolutions and beyond.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jesse offers some good news for those who want to boost their long-term memory without supplements, without mnemonic tricks, and without extra time for sleep.  Is this even possible?  According to new research: Yes.  And it’s surprisingly simple — but you’ll have to listen to find out.

Episode Highlights

0:41Jesse welcomes you aboard the first episode of 2016.
1:38This Week In Neuroscience:Long term memory and sleep.
3:29The audience interaction section.
5:41Jesse introduces Dr. Jen Labrecque.
6:56A little bit of background on habits.
7:35Definition of habits.
10:10Quitting a bad habit vs forming a new good habit.
12:09Mechanism of habits and addiction within our brain.
13:21Willpower as a deplete able resource.
16:06Goals vs resolutions.
18:27Complexity of behavior and habits.
20:46Environmental cues and habits.
22:38Optimum method to develop new habits.
23:52Time required to establish a new habit.
26:38The Popcorn Study.
28:23Conclusion and actionable takeaways.
31:23Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Jesse's New Year resolution.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee