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Episode 104

Electrical brain stimulation is a topic we often like to revisit, and this week Jesse is joined by Professor Vincent Clark for a spirited discussion on the emerging world of what Clark calls electroceuticals – and the additive power of advanced neuro-imaging techniques used in concert with neural stimulation.

Also in this episode, we get acquainted with striosomes and approach-avoidance conflicts during decision-making (remember the hesitation you feel before asking that hot cheerleader to dance?).  Also: Science weighs in on “the munchies” — why marijuana users like binging on food Thanksgiving-style even after Thanksgiving has passed.

Episode Highlights

0:25Introducing the third anniversary episode.
1:42This Week In Neuroscience: Decision Making and approach-avoidance.
4:23Audience interaction section.
6:41Jesse introduces Prof. Vincent Clark.
7:48Development of technology and pharmacology over three decades.
9:242007 study - Where's Waldo (Military style).
12:00The mechanism of camouflage.
13:12tDCS enhancing attention span and neuro-plasticity.
14:32Mechanism of action for tDCS.
16:25Duration and intensity.
16:59Inducing negative effects.
17:58Developments in tDCS for consumers and DIY usage.
19:39Electrical activity within a brain.
22:23The hurdle of a for-profit medical system.
26:05Performance enhancement, tDCS and meditation.
28:44tDCS and schizophrenia.
30:26Electrical vs Magnetic transcranial stimulation.
33:51Relation between biting and brain activity - orthotics.
37:01The future of electroceuticals.
39:58Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Mystery of munchies - solved.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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