Episode 102

Fact 1: Regular exercise is good for your health.

Fact 2: Many people are inherently lazy about exercise.

Question: Should these people use “motivational” chemicals so they don’t hate exercise so much, and can form better health habits?

To examine this question, Jesse is joined by Prof. Samuele Marcora the author of the provocatively titled paper – “Can Doping be a Good Thing?”  Their discussion looks closely at the perception of effort and limiting factors of motivation, along with the current methods of enhancement and scope of future technologies.

Stick around for the Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick if you want to hone your psychopath-spotting skills.  (Who doesn’t?)  Jesse shares some recent bittersweet developments on the emotion of empathy – and those who lack it.

Episode Highlights

0:33Exercise and motivation - the connection.
1:18This Week In Neuroscience: Placebo effect growing stronger in the US.
3:55The audience interaction section.
5:53Jesse introduces Prof. Samuele Marcora.
7:03A little bit of background.
7:53Breeding motivation.
9:14Perception of effort.
10:53Principle of least effort.
12:20Physical vs mental tasks.
14:01Limiting factor of motivation - delayed rewards.
15:01Looking at Prof. Marcora's study.
17:31Perception of performance enhancement.
19:21The path ahead and scope of future research.
25:14Jesse is reading The Sports Gene.
26:39Ruthless Listener Retention Gimmick: Psycho spotting.

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Written by Anushtup Chatterjee
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